"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."
Albert Einstein

  •  24-3-2020 10:00

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak my daily life has changed a lot, as I think it did for many people around the world as well. So what can we all learn from this world-wide crisis?

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I am a young experienced researcher in experimental Physics, with a strong specialization in Astroparticle Physics. Over the years, I have accumulated a vast and international academic expertise built-up in different countries: Italy, where I originally come from and where I completed my University studies; Sweden, where I completed my PhD; Germany and at last the Netherlands, where I pursued my postdoc research activity.
Beside the pure academic research, I like the University learning environment and many related activities. Among those, I enjoy participating in international conferences and presenting my work, which also includes travelling around the world and meet people from a large variety of countries and cultures. I like teaching very much, so I often take the opportunity to teach or supervising students during their thesis projects. I also enjoy give presentations to a generic public, and different kind of outreach activities. In the recent years I have also discovered an interest and natural inclination towards managing activities.

After having started a family, I have decided to dedicate my career to teaching only. Since August 2020 I am a Math and Physics teacher at the Diploma Program at Rivers International School in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I love teaching in an international school, and have finally found the job that suits my interest and personality best.

About my personality: I am an extremely curious person who likes a lot to interact with other human beings. Moreover, I am always ready to give myself a challenge, and to think outside the box.


Present Activity

Physics and Math high-school teacher at Rivers International School in Arnhem


Past Research Activity

Part of the Radboud RadioLab between January and July 2019.

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Past Research Activity

Postdoc researcher at the Department of Astrophysics at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I have been part of the LOFAR Cosmic-Ray Key-Science-Project, and my research concerned radio detection of high-energy cosmic rays.

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Past Research Activity

Postdoc at the Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Tübingen (IAAT), Germany. In particular, I worked on Geant4 simulations for the X-ray astronomy satellite mission MIRAX.

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PhD Project

PhD student at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. I have conducted my research on direct detection of low-energy cosmic rays being part of the PAMELA Collaboration. I have obtained my PhD degree in "Astroparticle Physics" in June 2012.

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List of outreach activities

List of outreach activities

Outreach is one of the fundamental activities of a researcher. In any research field, it is extremely important to spread the up-to-date scientific achievements outside the academic community, so to make people fully aware of the reached accomplishments. According to me, this is the only way to let scientific research go on, and the only way for human society to continue evolving. I like very much any kind of outreach activities. You find here a list of activities I have participated in the past years.

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