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I am a young experienced researcher in experimental Physics, with a strong specialization in Astroparticle Physics. Over the years, I have accumulated a vast and international academic expertise built-up in different countries: Italy, where I originally come from and where I completed my University studies; Sweden, where I completed my PhD; Germany and at last the Netherlands, where I pursued my postdoc research activity.
Beside the pure academic research, I like the University learning environment and many related activities. Among those, I enjoy participating in international conferences and presenting my work, which also includes travelling around the world and meet people from a large variety of countries and cultures. I like teaching very much, so I often take the opportunity to teach or supervising students during their thesis projects. I also enjoy give presentations to a generic public, and different kind of outreach activities. In the recent years I have also discovered an interest and natural inclination towards managing activities.

After having started a family, I have decided to dedicate my career to teaching only. Since August 2020 I am a Math and Physics teacher at the Diploma Program at Rivers International School in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I love teaching in an international school, and have finally found the job that suits my interest and personality best.

About my personality: I am an extremely curious person who likes a lot to interact with other human beings. Moreover, I am always ready to give myself a challenge, and to think outside the box.